Buffet S1 Alto Saxophone Excellent 23821

$ 2,100

This is a nice original lacquer Buffet S1 alto in very good physical condition. The pads are older, but it hasn’t been played a ton so you could probably get it into pretty good playing condition without overhauling it. I overhaul horns by default, so I would say tune it up and play it for a while while you save up for an overhaul, and then you can get the total experience of a horn that feels almost new. This has the full S1 keywork with the excellent low C Eb mechanism and the very comfortable LH pinky keys as well. The intonation is great. The tone is big and wide and operatic – French, refined, not too bright, not too dark. I really like these. Original case and case cover are still in great shape as well. The only real lacquer wear is on the back of the bow, which I think is from the sax being played mostly seated in a chair where the lacquer must have touched the chair in that spot only. Sometimes I get horns in that have individual finger marks in certain places in the lacquer from always being picked up the same way. Anyway, I don’t see any evidence of significant damage or significant past repairs either. It’s a nice, clean example priced low enough to be a great deal even after you spend some money on pads.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 8 in


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