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King Zephyr Special Tenor Full Pearls Silver Neck Near Mint Original Lacquer + Overhauled 254712

As I’ve said many times, the King Zephyr Special tenor is both the most beautiful vintage saxophone ever made, and one of the best sounding and most fun to play. Everything about it is deluxe and tastefully designed: Double socket, solid silver neck with a deco octave key design, delicate starburst engraving on all of the bell /bow key cups, beautiful bell engraving. You also have the extra pearls on the side keys, palm key touches, and G#, the three ring strap hook, and general styling that says “this was made when people really cared about how things were made.” The tone is gorgeous as well. It’s dark and velvety warm, but with a special combination of wideness and punch when pushed that you only find on Kings. It will shake the walls while sounding effortless and relaxed somehow. The action is easy and light under the fingers, but still plenty fast. It’s a comfortable horn to play. If you join me and many other saxophone lovers on team ‘Zephyr Special,’ I think you’ll be very happy you did. Whether this is your only tenor or just one of a small collection, it may quickly become your favorite, because it just does everything well, and it does it well in style.

This particular Zephyr Special has pads in like new condition no significant past repairs to report. It is in near mint condition, which is exceedingly, vanishingly rare for a saxophone from 1940 or so. The original ‘pink’ lacquer is still almost entirely intact on the solid silver neck, which you almost never see. The overhaul was done in NC with kangaroo leather pads and metal resonators, and the previous owner spent a ton on the overhaul having it done just so. I don’t see any odd modifications, and it feels good mechanically. Response is effortless, low register is easy, intonation is good. To me, it plays a little darker than average for a Zephyr Special. It comes in a BAM Classic case that fits it well and will keep it safe in shipping. I may have one original Zephyr Special vintage King case I can also include If you want a Zephyr Special for your collection that is in the ‘best in the world’ sort of category. I love this horn and have kept it for many years. Only one available!



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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 11 in


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