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Selmer Adolphe Sax Baritone Rare and Unique

The ultimate collectible baritone – this is a hybrid Selmer Adolphe Sax baritone made in the 1930’s by Selmer Paris using some Selmer parts and some parts from the Adolphe Sax company, bought by Selmer.



The Selmer Adolphe Sax baritone is arguable among the ultimate collectible baritones, It is a hybrid Adolphe Sax and Selmer Paris baritone made in the 1930’s by Selmer using some Selmer parts (body tube for example) and some parts from the Adolphe Sax company (the bell among many others), bought by Selmer.

This horn has been carefully restored and maintained, and it comes in very good playing condition as well as being collectible. It even includes the original case! These Adolphe / Selmer saxophones are hard to find, and this is the only Selmer Adolphe Sax Baritone that I have seen. It has been a part of my personal collection for years, but I am offering it for sale on the site for a limited time. This horn is best for a collector, rather than a player, because it is so rare, and such an interesting chapter of saxophone history. It plays well, and it has a gorgeous, sweet, full tone. But the intonation is not great: the octaves are spread – the second octave is sharper than the lower octave.
I priced this low for what it is, a possibly one of a kind hybrid Selmer Adolphe Sax baritone in excellent original condition with good pads and original case.
Only one available!

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Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 20 × 14 in

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  1. Robert Howe

    I was happy to take this horn from Brian to join my four other Sax/Selmer horns. With a large chamber period mouthpiece, it plays great–fine sound, excellent response, good scale. I have studied deeply the early history of the saxophone and the Sax company, under the father and the son, and am very impressed by the high quality of their instruments. Even when 150 years old. they are real players. So I’m very happy with the horn and with Brian’s patient style of doing business.

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