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Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1974 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Recent Overhaul 220324

Pending 2/14 This is a beautiful original lacquer Selmer Mark VI Tenor saxophone that also has a fresh Ken Beason overhaul with large metal resonators (‘Beasonators’) and leather pads. The action is nice and snappy under the fingers, and the horn feels as nice to play as a brand new saxophone. It has beautiful lacquer and American engraving, and there are no dents or dings. As far as past repairs, it looks like the neck was flexed enough over the years to lose a little lacquer on the sides, but it’s not pulled down, and it looks like it was a very minor thing – like what happens when you move your mouthpiece while on the neck. The neck receiver has some lacquer loss around that area, and the back of the body tube has some lacquer loss in one spot. I think the neck receiver was resoldered when Ken overhauled the horn, by the look of it. This needs to be done on a horn when the solder has a leak or if the socket is loose for any reason. The tone on this one is big, powerful and projecting. Late VI tenors like this are beasts, and the resonators also help it to put out a ton of sound. Intonation is easy; low register comes out effortlessly, and altissimo is also easy!

Only one available!


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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 11 in


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