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Selmer Mark VI Tenor 233xxx Original Lacquer


This is a beautiful original lacquer Selmer Mark VI tenor sax. It has almost all of its original lacquer, and it looks almost new. It has a recent repad by a shop in Virginia to get it ready to sell, and it is in great playing condition. The neck has had a slight pull down and has been completely fixed back to the right angle. It was as minor as could be, so not a big deal. And there were a few small dings removed from the back of the horn. Besides that, it seriously looks new. This is a one owner horn. The owner bought it himself in ’74 with a year’s wages he saved from doing his newspaper route, and he has kept it all this time as a prized possession. This tenor also comes with the high F# key added, for easier playing of some of the more technical modern saxophone repertoire. The horn has great intonation, great ergonomics, great build quality, and that Mark VI magic. It should make someone very happy. Only one available. Get it while you can!

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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 16 in


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