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Selmer Super Sax Tenor ‘Cigar Cutter’ 17xxx American Engraved 1933

Wow, this is a rare and beautiful American-engraved Selmer Cigar Cutter (Selmer Super Sax SSS) Tenor  from 1933. It has a 17xxx serial number, which puts it solidly in the Super Sax range. This is basically a ‘cigar cutter’ tenor without the cigar cutting octave mechanism. That octave mechanism is almost exclusively found on altos, and only on a few tenors. The main cool things about this horn are 1. It has much more extensive American engraving than you almost ever see on an early Selmer and 2. It is very hard to find a 17k or 18k serial Selmer Super tenor, and more common to find 13k-15k from what I have seen. These later ones are a real sweet spot for early Selmer tone. Coleman Hawkins played a Super much like this, and it has that big, warm, velvety soft tone that you want.

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This is a horn to make any early Selmer enthusiast salivate. It’s a gorgeous 17xxx (1933) Selmer Super Sax tenor in very fine condition with American-engraving. The neck looks great, body tube and bow look great. There was a small dent removed from the bell flare that is now looking good as well. The lacquer may be original, or it may not. It’s hard to tell on Super Sax and Radio Improved Selmers, because they were lacquered after being engraved. (This is the opposite of how Balanced Action or SBA /Mark VI were finished.) This horn is priced low like it is not original, but the engraving is super sharp and the lacquer is the right color to be original. Either way, it is a great deal. Needs an overhaul.

We pay the best prices for great saxophones.


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