Yanagisawa AWO20 Solid Bronze Alto Saxophone Brand New Fantastic Deal! A992

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Mint, unplayed, new in the plastic Yanagisawa AWO20 Alto saxophone. This is probably the best deal on this saxophone that you will find anywhere.  The AWO20 (formerly called A992) is the best horn that Yanagisawa makes in my opinion (I prefer it to the solid silver ones.) This AWO20 just got checked out post shipping and is ready to play its very best right out of the case when you get it. It’s completely mint, with factory box and paperwork etc. You won’t find a better playing Yanagisawa AWO2o, nor will you find a better price. I have an extremely limited number of these that I can offer you at this sale price. Good luck to the few people who are able to jump on this amazing deal!

If you’re wondering, the WO20 is the bronze version of Yanagisawa’s top line professional alto. This is the new name of what used to be the A992 model. It has sturdier ‘ribbed construction’ and double arms on the bell keys, to distinguish it from its extremely similar but less expensive sibling, the AWO2 (A902). The Yanagisawa AWO20 also has the underslung neck octave key mechanism and fancy hand engraving. I love how the neck octave key looks and works. My first good alto was a Yanagisawa, and I never would have needed to upgrade from it. The solid bronze adds more depth and complexity to the tone compared to brass – kind of a thick heart to the core of the tone. It’s quite easy to hear once you get used to it and play the different Yanagisawa saxophones. The AWO2 (A902) and AWO20 (A992) are my favorites, closely followed by AWO1 (A901) and AWO10 (A991) (same horns but in brass instead of bronze, and a little less expensive).

Any questions, feel free to ask!

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 12 in


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