Most people have never met a real saxophone collector. I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of the main saxophone collectors in the world. They are passionate about the instrument, and they put the greatest care into buying the best examples of each of the main vintage saxophones. Here are some quick photos shared by a friend of mine in Italy named Attilio Berni. He is moving his collection to a museum soon, so that everyone can enjoy it. I find these photos very satisfying.

Each vintage saxophone has a unique personality. Getting to know it is one of the joys of collecting, whether your collection is three saxophones or three hundred. I know folks who try to get one of each of the best models of their favorite voice, and others who own a fixed number of saxophones, but are constantly bumping out the weakest link and replacing it with a new favorite. Whether you have ever thought about collecting saxophones or not, these photos give you a peek into that world at its pinnacle.