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King Super 20 Alto Saxophone Full Pearls Series II 1953 333537 Excellent!

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This King Super 20 Alto from 1953 is in very good condition and is a stand-out player. If you read around in the ‘museum’ section of GetASax, you will see that I think that the King Super 20 altos from the 1950’s are just about the best alto saxophones ever made. And this one stands out as a particularly lively and resonant player among those. It has a mix of pads, mostly older, and there is obviously some lacquer wear from normal use. The solid silver neck is in excellent condition, as is the double socket on the neck. Serial number also matches the body. The only past repairs I see are one foot of the low C keyguard resoldered, and some evidence that some small dents were removed from the back (inside) of the bottom bow. Both of these are very minor. If you are looking for a seriously world class alto sax that will play and project far better than anything made today, that would be this.

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 14 × 8 in


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