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  • Conn 12M Transitional Baritone Saxophone 250510 Relacquer Great Player! Mulligan Serial

    $ 4,750

    This is a great Conn 12M Transitional baritone saxophone that comes to you out of the collection of Theo Wanne. I got it from Theo on trade, and it is a fantastic horn. Yes, the lacquer isn’t original, but then again, I haven’t seen a Conn bari this early that was original, fwiw. It had a recent overhaul, and I spent another $500 on it to do a very extensive setup, almost a mini-overhaul. It feels super great now and plays effortlessly with the velvety warmth that you associate with Mulligan, Carney, and the others who played Conns of this vintage. Mulligan made these baritones famous, and alternated between his 189k NWII, and his 250k or so transitional 12M. “Transitional’ usually means that this isn’t the final version of the 12M, but in the case of the baritones, there wasn’t any major keywork change that happened after this model. So this IS a 12M, except that I think the early ones from ’32-33 play with a bigger sound, more like a New Wonder II, but with better keywork and easier tuning. If you just can’t live without a front F mechanism, then you can actually get one put on this horn, and I can help you get it done. But it’s not like that’s a necessity for the vast majority of vintage bari players.

    One final thing to mention about this, besides that it’s the best-sounding model of baritone ever made, is that it’s super light to play. It feels almost like a tenor sax in your hands and on your shoulders. I need to weigh it beside a low A Yamaha, but it’s a LOT lighter. This is a great deal at this price, because you get the best serial range bari, with good pads and a fresh setup, needing nothing, for a bargain price just because it had the lacquer redone, and it’s been played enough to have some resolders etc. (Check the photos on full screen mode, and/or email me for a blow by blow description of every little ding if you want.)

    Only one available!

  • Selmer SBA Super Balanced Action Alto 41532 Relacquered Plays Great

    $ 4,950

    This was the main alto of a top level gigging musician who just retired from playing after 50 years or so. He went through a lot of horns over the years, and all of the ones he ended up with are excellent! This was the alto that won the decades-long shootout for best alto. It’s a Selmer Paris ‘Super (Balanced) Action’ (SBA) Alto saxophone made in 1950, which many consider to be the most desirable year for SBA’s (though they are all desirable)! Coltrane played a tenor of this, which probably helps them have a bit of a value bump.

    This alto has a sweet, lyrical, moderately focused tone that is warm and medium between bright and dark. The ‘French lyrical core’ to the tone is what I love most about it. It’s challenging to describe tone, but there’s a central, complex thread to the sound that you can easily latch onto that makes these really pleasant to listen to, whether that’s blending with a section, or playing solo. The build quality is of course excellent, and the feel under the fingers is nice and snappy. This sax got a ‘new coat of paint’ along the way at some point – probably in the late 50’s by the lacquer color, and probably by the Selmer factory in Elkhart (same reason), who would frequently overhaul and strip and respray the lacquer at the same time for their customers. It doesn’t really affect anything tonally. But it makes the horn a lot less expensive for you! So if you’re looking for a really nice, clean, beautiful vintage Selmer Paris alto that is better built than anything you can buy today, AND that plays beautifully, has good pads, and will go up in value — and all that for around the price of a new Yamaha, that’s what you’re getting! And this is a particularly good one, as mentioned above.

    Only one available.

  • Selmer Series III Alto Great Playing Condition Great Deal

    $ 3,000
  • Sold Out

    Yamaha YAS-875EXB Alto Saxophone Black Lacquer Plays Great! C86433

    $ 3,350

    This beautiful Yamaha Custom EX alto just got a thorough tune up including disassembly, cleaning, oil, and a bunch of new pads, and now it’s looking and playing its best! You seldom see Yamaha 875EX altos in special ordered black lacquer, but you should. It’s one of Yamaha’s most beautiful finishes. The ‘honest’ two tone look from the engraving cuts through the black lacquer is striking and gorgeous.

    The main reason to buy a YAS-875EX is, of course, the tone and ease of playing that it offers. No other modern alto tunes as precisely or is so effortless to play in ensemble work. It’s almost like autopilot for sax. If you’ve been struggling to hold pitch on a cheap beginner or intermediate horn for years, you may be startled to find that your habits of correcting pitch are now entirely unnecessary. It just plays in tune. I’m dwelling on that, I know, but both on the alto and soprano EX models, that’s the most striking thing. The tone itself is medium between bright and dark. Brighter than the original Custom 875 model, which I also have available at the moment. The EX darkens down with a classical mouthpiece, or brightens up with a higher baffle, smaller chamber mouthpiece. The tone is not very complex, but is round and clear and projects easily. If you want to play concert, classical, or projecting commercial music, the crisp, clear tone is ideal for working with. If you’re playing smoky jazz ballads, you’ll need an interesting sounding mouthpiece to warm up the sound a bit, or just get a Conn 🙂

    Only one available! This is a great deal on an effortless and beautiful Yamaha Custom alto!

  • Yamaha YTS-62 Tenor Very Good Condition Plays Great! 42244

    $ 2,450

    Nice professional Yamaha 62 tenor saxophone in great shape. It was just tuned up, and plays very well. The price is as good as you can get for a professional tenor in good playing condition. The Yamaha is probably the most commonly recommended first good tenor saxophone in the world.

  • Yamaha YTS-82ZS Silver Custom tenor Excellent Condition Plays Great!

    $ 3,500