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  • Selmer New Largebore Alto Saxophone Silver 13405

    $ 1,800
  • Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Saxophone Original Satin Silver Gorgeous 54xxx

    $ 5,950

    Beautiful original satin silver plate Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Saxophone for sale. This is one sweet alto, sporting my favorite finish for any vintage Selmer. The satin silver was only done by the British distributor, which sold to Australia and New Zealand also. This horn comes from the original owner in Australia. It is currently getting a thorough setup to ¬†get it into top playing condition. It had a recent overhaul in 2017 and was put away since then. Should be a very good player when the work is done. No resolders, no dents or dings. It’s in great shape. I have a photo of Jerome Selmer holding the last one of this rare finish that I had in the shop. It was freshly overhauled and glorious! This one is nearly as nice.