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Conn 10M Tenor Pre-War Original Lacquer 304k

This is a beautiful condition pre-war Conn 10M tenor saxophone that is currently getting overhauled. It’s original lacquer, and there’s only some minor play wear here and there, and a bit of oxidation in the bell engraving.

The nice thing about a Conn when setup well is that it comes to feel remarkably modern under the fingers. There’s a couple of weeks’ adjustment period where your muscle memory has to learn some new tricks. After that, this keywork layout is just as fast as a Selmer style one – really! If you don’t believe me, check out Sal Nistico on his 10M, or go watch some Dexter Gordon videos.

In any case, that’s what you’re getting here – and what you’re paying for. A hand selected, beautiful example of one of the best 10M’s ever (= one of the best tenor saxophones ever) and also overhauled by one of the best repairmen around, so that it plays its best, and will do so for the long haul.

For the moment, I’m posting some photos of the horn in progress. It’ll get done pretty soon, but go ahead and grab it to reserve it for you. It will be ready within a month of purchase, and maybe much sooner. it’s Christmas/New Years, so I can’t promise you get it right away, but you will get it!

Only one available!


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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 13 × 9 in


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