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Conn 10M Transitional Tenor Original Lac + High End Matt Stohrer Overhaul

There’s some lacquer missing on the bell where the owner picked up the horn the same way every time. Worn spot on the bell. Worn spot on the bell. Worn spot on the bell. OK now you’re desensitized to it. This is one of the best horns on the site at present.

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Well, if you are looking for an awesome Conn transitional tenor, look no further. This is a beautiful, original lacquer vintage Conn 10M transitional tenor that is still in amazingly good condition. It has its original finish still intact, and has very little wear from use. These ‘transitional’ model Conns are called that because they have a mix of features from the models immediately preceding and following. They are coveted for their HUGE tenor sound and excellent build quality.

Mechanically, this horn is also about as good as it could be. It has a fresh, high-end overhaul done by Matt Stohrer, who, by all accounts, is one of the best saxophone repairmen in the world. Matt’s overhaul description is here. Matt is so in-demand that he is booked for at least the next two years for repairs, and you can check out his youtube channel here.

The sound on this tenor is just as big as you would hope. Really big. Like pure jazz power. (And I loathe using exaggeration to make a sale.) And the intonation is also very consistent. The keywork feels good too: nice and snappy under the fingers, and ‘dry.’ (This is a sign of good pad work!) And the spring tension is even and comfortable.

This tenor has not only the original case, which is well-preserved, but also the original Conn warranty booklet! That is beyond rare to see. It also has the ‘naked lady’ engraving on the bell, which one usually does not find on transitional Conns. So it’s collectible and very likely to accrue in value over time, along with being generally awesome. If you buy this, I would recommend also adding a BAM Softpack tenor case to protect the horn in shipping and for gigging. I will give you a good deal on one if you decide to take this advice (highly recommended).

Only one available!

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 16 in


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