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Conn ‘Transitional’ Art Deco-engraved Alto Original Silver, Overhauled!

1930’s transitional Conns deserve their reputation as quintessentially loud, warm, projecting lead altos for jazz and beyond. This one is beautiful, already restored, and ready to go.

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Now is a great time to be playing saxophone. The greatest of the vintage horns are coming back into style as people realize that nothing can match their unique tone quality. And even the coolest of the vintage horns, including a fresh, $1000++ restoration, are still much cheaper than a new Taiwanese alto like a P Mauriat.

This alto is a beautiful example of Conn saxophone manufacturing in its golden age. These horns are built to better tolerances than almost any saxophone ever made, and they hold up extremely well over time. This example is in extremely clean original condition with no resolders, no upents or dings, and very little wear to the original silver plate finish. It got a recent restoration with all new pads, corks, felts, mechanical work, setup, etc. which takes a skilled repairman at least 25 hours (and often more) of painstaking labor to do properly, and represents about $1000 of the price of the horn. It comes in the original Conn case, and you can add a wonderful BAM Softpack (+$250) or Hiscox Pro II (+$210) if you want.

This horn is pure 1930’s jazz power.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 14 × 9 in


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