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King Saxello Original Silver 83xxx Great Shape

This is one gorgeous silver King Saxello! Original silver plate, original case, pads are sealing, and it plays well.



This is a rare and beautiful example of a King Saxello soprano. The King Saxello is not just cool, but practical. The bent neck moves the horn down to rest on the neck strap for added comfort. The upturned bell means that you can hear yourself when you play! There is a resoldered post by the low C# that is no big deal, and there is lacquer spray inside the bell either to give the gold extra color or to seal in the gold. This horn is on consignment, and I got it tuned up a bit on the existing pads. They are midway through their usable life, and they seal well for playing. It’s a fun horn to play and has a big, wide tone that is way larger than any modern soprano. Really, you have to play a Saxello like this in order to even imagine how different it sounds from a modern soprano. Simply put, many modern sopranos sound more like an oboe than a sax, but the King Saxello sounds like a saxophone!

The original silver is almost all intact, and the horn just looks great. The price is reasonable, and this horn is a great purchase and a delight to own. Plus it’s cool to bring to gigs and to show people. The King Saxello is just intrinsically cool.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 8 × 8 in


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