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Selmer Mark VI Alto from 1963 Good Deal

Great deal on a 1963 Mark VI alto. Relacquered, but minimal past repairs, and great overall condition. Needs overhaul.

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For the price of a used Yamaha, here’s a Selmer Mark VI alto from 1963! The early 6-digit serials like this are exactly the same horn as the later 5-digit altos, so if you drool over a 95xxx VI, this is the same thing.  It has been relacquered, but was not buffed badly. It needs an overhaul, so I am pricing it low so that you can get it, clean, overhaul, and enjoy it for many years to come. This was a one-owner horn, and comes from a nice family in Ohio.

It is american-assembled and engraved. The neck has the matching serial number. I don’t see any past repairs – no resolders or evident dent work. It was well-cared-for and just got a new coat of lacquer at some point, which is a very common thing. It comes with the original case, and the zipper works on it (people always ask).

If you’re a player looking for a good VI for a low price, well, here you go. There is nothing bad about a well-done relacquer if you have a good saxophone tech to overhaul it.

We pay the best prices for great saxophones.


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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 9 in


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