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Selmer Mark VI Tenor 105xxx Original Lacquer Fresh Overhaul!

If you want a nice, early American-engraved Mark VI, and you want the most bang for your buck, this is the horn for you. This is one sweet original Mark VI tenor from 1963. It’s American-engraved and looks beautiful. It has a fresh, top-quality overhaul that is just what you would hope for in a really good overhaul. I am really picky about this. There are no differences between a 90k and an early 100k tenor, so this is the same as a 5-digit, just cheaper. It’s a bargain at this price for what you get.

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This is a beautiful original lacquer Selmer Mark VI tenor from 1963. I got it with its original pads, but it just got a fresh, top-quality overhaul, and it is now playing its absolute best. The original plastic Selmer resonators were re-used, and the pads feel really nice and snappy under the fingers. It has no dents or dings, and it has no resolders either. A few dents were removed from the back of the body, but it is hard to tell now. Other than that, this horn is in very nice shape. The neck has the matching serial number, and it is in excellent condition, and has never been damaged. This sale includes the original Selmer case as well.

The tone is dark, focused, fat, powerful. This is the sort of horn that made the Mark VI famous, especially among tenor players. It just does everything well, and it does it easily – great intonation, great ergonomics, and a wide range of tonal possibilities. With the fresh overhaul, this horn just burns it up – low Bb is just as easy to play as any other note, even played quietly. Multiphonics are easy. Just a super horn.

There are no changes between 1962 and 1963 in the Selmer tenor design that I can find, so this is the same horn as a late 5-digit tenor, and plays the same too: powerful, focused, medium dark, projecting. Tons of fun. This is an American-Assembled and engraved Mark VI, which, for whatever reason, is the more desirable version of the Mark VI. It is hard to find examples that are in clean, original condition like this, so get it now, before it’s gone.

We pay the best prices for great saxophones.


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