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Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1960 Worn Original Lacquer Fresh Overhaul 86853

On hold Mar 5 2024.

This 86k serial Selmer Mark VI tenor has been played a TON. It is probably actually original lacquer under all that wear from handling, though at this point it is priced more like a relacquer than like an original lacquer VI. It just got a fresh high end overhaul done, and it plays HUGE with a really powerful, focused tone. It feels very different from the 84k tenor in the shop. There really is something different about the 86-87k VI tenors that gives them a ton of projection and makes them a lot of fun to play. The horn has wear throughout – pearl holders on both stacks, protective patch by thumb hook, side keys worn down. But it plays like a beast. Besides being played a lot, it was very well cared for, with no serious damage, no dents or dings, and the original neck with matching serial number still looking very good. If you want a ‘Brecker’ serial VI that has a good overhaul, plays great, and is priced on the lower side, this is for you!




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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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