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Selmer Mark VI Tenor Original Lacquer Good Condition 227016

Great deal on an original lacquer Selmer Mark VI Tenor for the price of a new Yamaha or Taiwanese horn. How can you beat that? The later serial Mark VI tenors have a ton of power and a fat, complex, punchy tone that cuts through a band with ease. You get the Selmer Paris build quality, the Mark VI tone, the beauty of American-engraving, and generally a satisfying, quality tenor for really not that much money. The pads on this one are older, and it plays on them, but would do better with a repad pretty soon. It’s priced to be within reach of a player going for his or her tenor that can be kept and played as long as you want to keep it. It will only go up in value.

I have almost the identical serial VI for sale now but in near mint condition and completely overhauled, if you’re interested in that one as well.


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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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