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Selmer SBA Tenor Relac American-Engraved 42xxx Good Player



This is a desirable 1950 Selmer SBA tenor saxophone. It is American engraved and assembled. This sax has pads sealing well, and plays pretty well on them. The pads are medium between old and new, and feel pretty good under the fingers. I don’t think I would overhaul it at this time, since pads look good and feel good. The neck is original with matching serial number. It has been pulled down in the past, enough that the brass needed a little bit of silver soldering on the side to make it strong again. That job was done the best that it could be. It plays beautifully. The price is lower partly because I want this to sell quickly, and partly because of the neck repair. Looks like a dent was removed from the back of the body tube near the strap hook, and another from the back of the bow, The Eb and Chromatic F# key guards were also resoldered at some point. That’s it for repairs that I see. The neck fits loosely in the neck receiver, so I could get the tenon expanded and fit if you don’t mind paying for it. My hands are tied on repair on this, as it is on consignment, and I am not authorized to spend additional money on it. But hey, for a relacquered SBA from the best serial range, you will find the price hard to beat, and none of the repair issues presents a problem currently other than the neck tenon needing expanded, which is a standard repair and not difficult.

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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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