Saxophones made by Martin Band Instrument Co.

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    Martin ‘The Martin Alto’ 169xxx Mint Condition

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    This is a mint, like new The Martin Alto, in super-collectible, nearly pristine, if not pristine condition. It’s listed here for your viewing pleasure, and it is COMING SOON, but contact me about buying it. I love how these horns sound, and with a properly setup LH pinky cluster, they also play very very well – quick action, great feel, great intonation.

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    Martin Alto Committee III Excellent Original Condition Low Price

    This nice, clean The Martin Alto is all original, including lacquer, pads, original neck and case all in excellent condition. When these are setup correctly, they are really a joy to play, and have a dry, powerful, jazzy tone.

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    Martin Committee II Alto Lion and Crown 130xxx

    This is a great first vintage alto. It’s in good playing condition, sounds GREAT, feels good under the fingers, tunes well, is beautifully engraved and made extremely well. Great deal for the price. You get way more for your money that you possibly could buying a modern horn, even used. Get this now and start enjoying the beautiful craftsmanship and sound of a top-quality vintage American-made saxophone for very little money.

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    Martin Committee II Tenor Saxophone Excellent Condition Original Lacquer Orig Pads 131115

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    Martin Committee II Tenor Saxophone Original Lacquer

    This is the most horn you could possibly get for the money, in terms of playing enjoyment per dollar. The Martin Committee II is a great pro saxophone that happens to be very reasonably priced currently.

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    Martin Gold Handcraft Soprano 82xxx Gold Portrait!

    Martin Handcraft sopranos are my favorite all-around soprano ever made. The tone is so warm and big that it puts modern sopranos to shame. This is the “best of the best” version of the Handcraft, with RARE gold plate and SUPER rare cabin portrait on the bell. If you’re the type of person who loves to own the very best in terms of quality, sound, rarity and beauty, look no further. This is it! No past repairs, recent repad, which was done fairly well – the horn plays great, and feels pretty good under the fingers. It comes in a brand new ProTec case also. Only one available – and this is the only portrait scene gold Martin I have seen in a long time! Get it before it’s gone.

  • Martin Handcraft Alto Saxophone 125113 Burnished Gold Special Engraving!

    $ 3,199

    Priced to sell!

    This is an alto that has it all: Rarity, condition, playability, beauty. It’s the total package.  Martin altos from this era play with a uniquely beautiful mix of warmth, power, and sweetness. This is a lyrical alto that has plenty of power and bite when you need it.

    It is in incredibly great condition with minimal past repairs. It has a recent, full overhaul and feels great under the fingers. It is very rare indeed to see one of these with thick, burnished gold plate as the finish. That’s the rarest finish, and I have only seen around five of these ever. The overhaul was done very well also, and the light action is easy to handle under the fingers.

    The price is fantastic for something overhauled AND burnished gold plate! Really hard to beat. It also includes the Hiscox case!

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    Martin Handcraft Committee 1 Tenor from 1935

    Martin Handcraft Committee Tenor with Skyline + Search light engraving! Original lacquer, good condition. Low price.


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    Martin Handcraft Gold Soprano Saxophone 81007

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    Martin Harmony Curved Soprano 155xxx

    This is a very big and warm playing curved soprano made by Martin (stenciled Harmony). As far as the details of condition go, this horn is factory unlacquered bare brass, keyed to high Eb, and has had a dent removed from the bottom bow. These Martin curved sopranos are rare and desirable, both for their collectibility to people who like to have unusual saxophones around, and for people looking for a big, warm, full-sounding curved soprano tone.

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    Martin Master Typewriter Alto Gold Plate Portait Engraving

    The Martin Typewriter has a unified design concept that makes it a harmonious whole like no other horn. This rare example is in near mint condition with virtually no wear at all and nearly 100% original gold plate intact.

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    Martin Music Man Tenor Gorgeous with Matt Stohrer Restoration!

    Primo mechanically restored, rare and collectible, beautiful Martin Music Man tenor. These don’t come around often. Photos are before overhaul, which was just completed.

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    Martin Searchlight / Skyline Alto 126xxx

    This beautiful, original lacquer Martin Committee 1 alto is one of the best deals on the site in terms of value for the price. This professional, handmade (in the USA) alto has extensive skyline engraving on the bell featuring searchlights, an airplane (which was at that time something rather new!), and a city silhouette. They are excellent players as well. Those who have already played one, know this very well, but for those who have never had the opportunity, you will be very pleasantly surprised (or possibly blown away) by the tone you get. It is warm, centered, balanced between bright and dark, lyrical, and easy to push without any trouble. This is a turn key purchase for a beautiful, well-made vintage American alto saxophone. Get it now – there’s only one available!

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    Martin Silver Plate Curved Soprano Stencil

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    Martin Soprano Gold Plate Saxophone – Repairman’s Special!

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    Martin The Martin Alto Saxophone 198871 Excellent Player Great Deal!

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    Martin The Martin Tenor Comm III Excellent Condition Original Lacquer Old Pads 169488

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    The Martin Baritone from 1955 Fresh Overhaul Unbelievable Shape!

    Holy Lacquered Brass, Batman! Is there a nicer The Martin Baritone in the world? Touted as the best sounding baritone ever by saxophone ‘gourmets’ like Steve Goodson, this is the nicest example I have seen, and it includes a fresh, high-end overhaul, original case, even the original mouthpiece!

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    The Martin Tenor – Official Music Man Model – Fresh Overhaul

    Beautiful Martin Music Man tenor with a fresh overhaul. Stripped original lacquer, original case w/warranty card.

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    The Martin Tenor from 1946 Fresh $1800 overhaul!

    This horn came to me with original lacquer and original pads, in nearly mint condition aside from the fragile original lacquer that was peeling off on its own. It now has a fresh full $1800 overhaul done by Aaron Barnard, who is one of the most reputable saxophone repairmen in the USA. Aaron stripped the original lacquer and gave the brass a beautiful, even matte patina that will maintain approximately this color over time. The horn is a great deal at this price. You’re getting the horn itself for a super-low price once you figure in the overhaul cost, which is what a great vintage horn needs done to play its best anyway.

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    The Martin Tenor from 1946 Original Lacquer Great Deal!

    Wow, this is a super deal on an original lacquer, original **pads** The Martin Tenor that needs an overhaul. You will seriously not find another horn in this condition for near this price that is nearly this high quality. The Martin Tenors are just amazing professional tenor saxophones. They were hand made in the USA and came with 50 year manufacturer’s warranties! They have beautiful design, are built very well, and play so amazingly well when overhauled – fat palm key tone, sweet, responsive middle register, and lush, saturated low register. The keywork is comfortable, intonation is good, and they work with a wide range of mouthpieces. In short, they are fantastic horns, and are currently way undervalued. Still they usually sell for a lot more than this, but I want to have some great deals on the website at any given time, and this is one of them. It needs an overhaul, and those areas of crackly lacquer are going to come off when the horn is overhauled (see photos). The case also smells bad, so either plan on deodorizing it (any car detailing place can do this for you), or replacing it. But the horn has good bones! No past repairs at all, original pads, beautiful original lacquer, no dents or issues. After it comes apart (some rollers need to be unstuck with penetrating oil) it should be a smooth process getting it overhauled.

    If you have been looking for the best tenor possible on a low budget, get this and get it overhauled. You won’t regret it!

    Only one available.