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Beaugnier Vito Tenor Great Value

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Beaugnier saxophones are professional quality instruments that were hand made in Paris mid-century, at the same time and place as Selmer, Buffet, SML and a few other well-known makers. Despite having made quite a few pro saxophones, Beaugnier has never been much of a household name. Part of the reason is that they were often sold under other names, especially as the top-of-the-line Vito saxophones. Beaugnier made the whole range of saxes, from sopranino through contrabass! These are great saxophones.

Built for quality as a top line pro instrument, this model is the same as the “Duke” model, but is not stamped Duke. It has the best assortment of features that you find on Beaugnier-made horns, including comfortable ergonomics with modern-style keywork, and good intonation. The tone is very much French, like a mid century Selmer, but is a bit brighter and more projecting than most Mark VI’s. The core is rich and lyrical, and you can easily play any style of music on one of these. They are also flexible with different styles of mouthpiece.

This particular horn is priced low for a quick sale. It has old pads and needs a repad, but I have sold overhauled ones for much more than this in the past, so you have room to buy this, get it overhauled, or do it yourself, and have a great vintage pro French saxophone that plays great for a bargain price. The only past repair of note is a bit of dent work I had done to straighten out the neck angle, and it came out nicely. What’s not to like?

Only one available.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 10 in


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