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Buescher True Tone C Soprano Original Silver Very Good Condition 140769

People keep emailing me asking ‘Is this really a C soprano?’ and I say, “Yes, it really is!” So if you were wondering, then now you know. It has old pads, so you will need to budget for an overhaul, or at least for some significant pad work for it to play its best. I replaced the case foam since these pictures were taken, and the case now keeps it nice and safe for shipping purposes. This horn is in quite good condition and with a good overhaul and gentle hand polish it will look like a new saxophone! The ‘True’ in True Tone refers to pitch accuracy, and it’s actually correct. These horns tend to tune really nicely. If you don’t have a C soprano mouthpiece, the best option is the modern Yamaha 4C or 5C soprano piece for Bb soprano. It has the right dimensions to tune well on this horn, and it’s also cheap and easy to play. I could throw one in with the horn for free if you want. A C soprano is fun because you don’t have to transpose. Whether that means playing at church, or just reading along with a piano at home, it’s a beautiful sounding sax that isn’t too expensive, and is professional quality.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 10 × 9 in


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