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Buffet Senzo Professional Alto Solid Copper Near Mint 42001

This is a fantastic Buffet Senzo professional alto saxophone made of solid copper! The Senzo is one of the best modern alto saxophones for classical sax ever. It has a gorgeous tone that is different from everything else out there – big, wide, ‘operatic,’ medium between bright and dark. The solid Copper gives it an obvious buzz and complexity compared to the brass Senzo or the S-1 that came before it. Also, if you’ve been wanting a vintage Buffet Prestige alto in solid copper but couldn’t find one, or couldn’t find one in good shape, the Senzo is the horn for you! I’m sure it will be collectible in the future as well. There aren’t many of these out there, and this particular one is in excellent condition. It was one owner and well cared-for. The pads are in excellent condition and can’t have been used very much since new. This horn just got a thorough checkup too, which was basically a new horn setup plus a bit of leak checking and pad reseating, and it plays better than new now. The original case is nice also!

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 10 in


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