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Guardala Handmade Tenor New Old Stock Traditional / MB1 Unsigned MPC1440

From a mouthpiece collection come two handmade Guardala tenor mouthpieces in new old stock condition. Both are unengraved/numbered. I talked to Jennifer Price, who helped make the handmade Guardalas along with Dave, and she confirmed that these look like actual handmade Guardalas, and she said that she had seen a few others like these in the past. They’re still expensive because they’re handmade Guardala mouthpieces in new old stock condition, but they’re priced at about half of what the going rate seems to be for similar condition signed ones, because they are unsigned. I’m not the world’s most geeky Guardala nerd, but from the ones I have seen over the years, and from the information I can find online for comparison– thanks Steve Neff etc–  (and comparing to the notes on the original Guardala product descriptions)  one looks like the original Traditional which got renamed to MB1 later. Plays beautifully.


Tip opening is .115

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in


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