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Leblanc System Rationell Alto 571 (one step below the crazy one) Mint Condition

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No other saxophone plays like a LeBlanc System alto, and this is the nicest example I have seen. It is in basically factory fresh condition with almost all its original lacquer intact. The factory pads are still present and have not been used much. You might be able to get away with just sealing these pads and playing on them for a while before getting them changed.

The essence of the LeBlanc system is the keywork. This alto has a completely different keywork design from Selmer or Yamaha etc, though it also feels like you are playing ole of those— the fingerings are the same. BUT- what’s going on under the hood is very different and very cool. Every note is vented on a System sax. There are no stuffy notes. The scale is incredibly even as a result. Secondly, the “stack” keys are designed so that when you play any note, pressing any lower key at all on the stacks will lower that note a half step. Play a middle B for example: adding G, F#, E or D to that B will give you a Bb. Isn’t that cool? Same thing for A or G or whatever. There are lots of other innovations in the keywork, but this is not the place to go through them all. Check out some articles.
From a player’s standpoint, this horn is exceptionally in tune and exceptionally loud. Something about the design gives you tons of power and projection. Lots of focus, but the tone isn’t bright. It’s medium and pretty warm and round. I love these horns. If you have a full System, let me know. I’ll buy it.

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 8 in


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