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Yamaha YBS-61 Baritone Low A Original Lacquer Great Deal! 7578

$ 3,999

Great deal on an original lacquer professional low A baritone by Yamaha. This is the YBS-61 from the late 70’s and has the ‘purple logo’ mostly intact on the bell. It just had 14 pads replaced and a thorough playing condition job, and now it plays well!  It has had some dents removed, like from the upper bow, but it’s in quite good shape now with minimal dents or dings, and just lacquer wear from regular use over the years. If you’ve been looking for that elusive fully professional baritone under $4k, this is it. Yamahas are built to last, and they’re also among the easiest baritones to work on, so if you put in the money to restore it, you should have a dependable and great playing bari for a discount price. The 61’s remind me of Yamaha trying to sound like a Selmer Mark VI but with a little clearer tone and a little better intonation. Only one available!

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Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 19 × 17 in


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