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Yamaha YSS-82ZRS Soprano Saxophone One Piece Bent Neck Silver Plate! BRAND NEW

$ 4,950

Available new by special order anytime. Email me at [email protected] to order. The Yamaha YSS-62R and 62RS are the most desirable vintage sopranos pretty much. Yamaha made an upgraded reissue of this soprano, with improved keywork but the same bore. It’s simply the best.

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Available new by special order anytime. This is a new in the plastic/ box unplayed Yamaha YSS-82ZRS soprano that comes with the Yamaha warranty. The Yamaha 82ZRS is basically a reissue of the popular Yamaha 62 soprano. The silver versions were the most desirable of the Yamaha YSS-62R on which the 82ZR is based. So if you have always wanted to get a Yamaha YSS-62RS this is nearly identical, but with some upgraded keywork. The main changes are that the left hand pinky (spatula) keys are now easier to operate and the palm keys are a little more comfortable. Yamaha tells me that the bore and dimensions of the 82ZR are exactly the same as the 62R, and on purpose. It is meant to be a modern reissue of the enormously popular 62R. With the 62R, Yamaha finally broke with the Selmer Mark VI soprano tonal concept and do something warmer, rounder, and more pleasant. It became an instant classic. There’s a big demand for more of these, so Yamaha helpfully rose to the occasion.

The reason that the 62R/82ZR is so popular is the combination of one piece design – no neck joint to lose air or resonance – and the warm, complex tone that these horns get. And the bent neck, which brings the horn down onto the neck strap for added comfort. Branford Marsalis plays this model, and sounds wonderful on it. I think he helped with the keywork improvements also.

If like me, you have always wanted one of these horns in silver, now is your chance.

AND if you want this horn to come with Matt Stohrer’s extensive “new horn setup” which is a total, go-crazy, do everything possible job that takes Matt an entire work day, just making it perfect, I would be happy to get you in with Matt on my reserved time. It’s not a necessity, but if you are meticulous (like me) and want things the best they can possibly be (ditto), then you might be reading this ad for an 82ZRS so I thought I’d mention it.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 10 × 7 in


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