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Yamaha YSS-675 Professional Soprano Great Deal! 0381

The Yamaha YSS-675 Professional Soprano Saxophone is one of the best soprano saxophones you can buy for the money without a doubt. It is built just like a Yamaha Custom YSS-875 soprano, and it plays just like one too, but it costs less. I have never quite understood why Yamaha made two models that play nearly identically and even look the same and came in the same case with the same necks etc, but that were priced differently. In any case, the result is that you can get a pro soprano for a very reasonable price. This one has a mix of pads, some of which are original, and it plays well and easily on them. Like the original 875, this is the darkest sounding Yamaha that was ever made. The current 875EX is a lot brighter than this. The intonation is excellent, and the dark tone pairs really well with soprano voice, and darkens down some brighter soprano pieces beautifully. Whether you’re wanting to play in a classical sax quartet or play smooth jazz on stage, or anything in between, this YSS-675 does it quite well. I like it with a hard rubber Yanagisawa mouthpiece in around a 5 tip. If you’re starting to play soprano for the first time, get a 4 tip, and you will find it easier than you may have expected to get a good sound on this. I rarely have a nicer soprano like this in the under $3000 price range so someone should definitely grab this!

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 9 × 9 in


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