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Ishimori Wood Stone ‘New Vintage’ Tenor Saxophone Near Mint

One of the most lauded modern horns by people who like vintage horns.

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Ishimori has long been Japan’s premiere saxophone repair shop. This tenor is their attempt to bring their repair expertise to bear on saxophone design. This horn has a bore and design aesthetic reminiscent of a Selmer Super (Balanced) Action, even down to the engraving and keywork styling. But as a modern horn, it hasn’t seen decades of playing and repairs. It also comes with a good setup done by Ishimori pre-sale. This is the unlacquered version of their tenor, and it normally sells for $4750. This one has only been played a tiny bit since it was new. Maybe a week’s worth of total play time at most. (The original owner traded it for a Conn 10M! 😉 This is the Eric Alexander model, as you can see engraved on the pants guard.

It does have a very nice tone, good ergonomics, and good intonation. It’s beautiful, with the extensive hand engraving and patina on the brass. If you are looking for a solid modern tenor that has some of the warmth and complexity of a vintage horn, this would be one of your best options. This one is priced to sell, so it will be a good deal for somebody.

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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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