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  • ‘Meyer’ New York Model ‘GS Special’ Alto Mouthpiece by Ted Klum – the Best!

    $ 599

    Exclusive to GetASax.com, this is a “GetASax Special” (GS Special) facing and baffle that Ted Klum and I collaborated to produce. This mouthpiece is the product of taking Ted’s amazing  “New York Model” (based on his favorite NY Meyer Bros ‘fat boy’ alto piece) and making it play just like my favorite NY Meyer Bros alto piece in my collection of Meyer Bros mouthpieces.

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    10MFan Merlot 7* Hard Rubber Tenor Mouthpiece MPC227

    This is a hard rubber 10MFan Merlot 7* in mint condition. It measures .106″ and plays with a full, round, classic mainstream jazz sort of tenor tone. You can google this piece for tons of info. This is a good choice for your first nice tenor mouthpiece, and the tip opening is pretty comfortable for most players.

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    Beechler Vintage 3S Tenor Hard Rubber 5 tip MPC260

    $ 100

    If you are looking for a jazzy sounding hard rubber mouthpiece that is at a smaller, more comfortable tip opening for people who don’t play tenor all the time, this would be a good fit. It’s also an interesting piece if you collect mouthpieces, because I haven’t seen an early one like this before.

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    Berg Larsen 110 1 Offset M Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece F57

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    Brilhart Ebolin Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece 4* D68

    $ 99

    This is a Brilhart Ebolin 4* for tenor saxophone. These mouthpieces are made of injection molded plastic. This piece has a .080 tip opening, a slight rollover baffle, straight side walls, and a medium sized oval chamber. The bite plate it worn down a bit, and there is some general wear from age.

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    Brilhart Hard Rubber Great Neck Tenor 4-digit .079″ MPC251

    $ 450

    This is a beautiful early Brilhart tenor mouthpiece. It’s the “Designed By Arnold Brilhart” stamped model, and it has a 4-digit serial 1803. Great Neck NY on the shank, and a 4 stamp on the table. Looks like original facing to me, and measures .079, which is about a modern 5. There are some light tooth scratches on the beak that would polish off, and a few other scratches on the body. This is an easy to play tip opening for people looking for a first tenor mouthpiece, or a piece to play in an ensemble or band setting, or even for classical sax.

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    Brilhart Tenor Ligature MPC233

    $ 375
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    Brilhart Velvet Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece C22

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    Buescher True Tone Alto Original Overhauled

    If you are looking for a great horn for the money, this is it! It has original lacquer, and I got it from a serious player who put a high end overhaul into it. This Buescher plays beautifully and is guaranteed to please.

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    Buescher True Tone IV C Melody Silver Plated 233xxx

    This is a very late C Melody saxophone from Buescher. It is quite unusual to find one this late, and I have never seen one that is any design later than this, so this is de facto the last version of a C Melody made by Buescher.

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    Buffet Crampon C2 Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece F78

    $ 120
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    Conn New Wonder II Tenor 228xxx Gold Plate!

    $ 3,250
    If you are looking for a BIG, spread, velvety vintage tenor tone that you can take in a million different directions, then this may be the horn for you. And if you are looking for an instrument that is also beautiful, collectible, and likely to go up in value, this heavily gold-plated vintage tenor in excellent condition would be a great choice. These gold plated tenors are very special. Modern plating techniques just put a tiny fraction of the amount of gold on a horn that Conn did back in the day. This is THICK, gorgeous plating that would cost several thousand dollars to replicate today (and it still wouldn’t be this color). The price of just the plating today would be more than the price of the horn. Put that together with the fact that horns like this are awesome as instruments, and with how rare nice gold tenors are, and you have a very good investment type horn as well. It’s very uncommon in today’s world to be able to get all of your money back out of anything you buy. But this is actually going to go up in value while you own it.
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    Conn Transitional Tenor Saxophone 251xxx Silver Overhauled+Hisco

    Here is a silver plated transitional Conn tenor saxophone with naked lady (10M) engraving and split bell keys. The SN# is 251xxx, which is great for Conn tenors. This vintage of Conns is just the BEST. Huge tone, good intonation, super-resonant body tube, beautiful engraving, high collectibility value. The total package. This horn comes with a Hiscox case as well! Get it before it is gone. These do NOT come around very often, though I do try very hard to grab them whenever they become available.

  • Couf Superba 2 Soprano Saxophone Fat Tone

    This is a hard-to-find Couf Superba 2 soprano. Like the Superba 1 soprano and baritone, this horn has straight tone holes, which will be easier for your tech to keep in good adjustment. It has a big, warm tone with a lush, powerful core. If you are looking for a fat sounding soprano, this is it. The key work is pretty comfortable, except for the in-line palm keys, but this horn has nicely built-up palm keys so that they are much more comfortable. But to get the most out of it, you’re going to want to get it overhauled. This is a lot of soprano for the money, and it sounds like nothing else. Think Grover Washington Jr.

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    Dukoff Miami D6 Large Chamber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece F41

    This is a Dukoff Miami D6 tenor mouthpiece. It has a .093 tip opening, a rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a medium round chamber. There is some wear from age, but no issues that will affect playability.

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    Dukoff Miami D7 Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece E10

    This is a Dukoff Tenor Super Power Chamber D7. These mouthpieces began production in 1972 and are still made today. This piece has a .100 tip opening, a high baffle, a medium chamber and straight side walls. These Miami pieces are the most desirable version, because they were better made than the current production models out there. The sound of this piece is bright-but-full-bodied in a way that makes it great for any playing setting where you need to be able to project or cut through at all. Nice piece!

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    Dukoff Supersonic Penn Los Angeles Tenor E38

    This is yet another iteration of a mouthpiece that I have been collecting quite a few of lately – the Dukoff Supersonic/Zimberoff blank that was made for a number of other companies by Dukoff around the middle of last century. These are excellent mouthpieces for getting a dark, burning jazz or all around tenor sound. They are great opened up to larger tips, which is why I have several listed in different tip openings. Besides the above mentioned names, you also find this piece as Selmer Elkhart NY, Geo M Bundy, and even Buescher. This one just got opened up by Brian Powell, and it is an outstanding player.

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    Dukoff Supersonic Selmer Elkhart Tenor BP 8 110 D33

    This is a Selmer Elkhart tenor piece that Brian Powell refaced. It has a .110 tip opening, a rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. There is some discoloration, but other than that it is almost as good as new.

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    Dukoff Supersonic Selmer Elkhart Tenor BP 8* 115 F25

    This is a Selmer Elkhart tenor piece that Brian Powell refaced. It has a .115 tip opening, a rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. This piece looks almost new.

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    E. Rousseau 4R Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece E04

    This is a Eugene Rousseau Tenor 4R. Rousseau is an accomplished alto saxophonist in the classical world and currently teaches at the University of Minnesota. This piece has a .083 tip opening, no baffle, straight side walls, and a medium sized chamber that is round and cut off a little bit by each side wall. There is a bit of wear on the bite plate, but other than this it looks great.

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    Freddie Gregory Mark I 7 Grenadilla Wood Soprano E39

    This is a super-rare, collector’s quality Freddie Gregory Mark I for soprano in grenadilla wood. It is in almost unplayed condition. All of Gregory’s mouthpieces are custom-made to order. The Mark I is the darkest of his mouthpieces. This piece is in excellent condition and comes in its original box. These pieces are impossible to find and very very rare in near mint condition.

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    Gale Hollywood 5L Three Dot Tenor Mouthpiece C24

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    Geo. M Bundy BP 7* 105 Nice! Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece E26

    This is a nice (and lesser-known) Geo. M. Bundy 3 that Brian Powell opened up to a .105. George Bundy had good taste in mouthpieces, and most of those bearing his name are of surprisingly high quality. This one is made of good quality hard rubber and the blank is very nice for tenor. With Brian Powell’s superb facing work, you’re getting a really excellent mouthpiece that is better than most pieces made and sold today for a good price. This piece plays like a vintage Otto Link or HR Brilhart, but with a bit more punch from the squeeze in the throat of the piece. It has a rollover baffle, straight/diagonal side walls, and a medium-large chamber. This piece looks to be in near mint condition.

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    Goldbeck & Co. 3 Tenor Mouthpiece F35

    This is a Goldbeck & Co. 3 tenor mouthpiece, refaced by a professional mouthpiece tech in Germany. It has a .105 tip opening, a rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. This is supposed to be the same blank as an old Otto Link Master Link, and it does look basically identical to the Master Link that I have here right now, so I would tend to believe that. The tone is big, dark, 30’s warmth, but you can also project on one of these with the right technique, as Pharaoh Sanders has shown.

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    Goldbeck Soprano Metal Mouthpiece Rare! MPC245

    This is a cool vintage Goldbeck soprano mouthpiece measuring .046.” It includes the original ligature and cap as well. The fluted sides give this piece a striking art deco look. It’s in excellent condition and has virtually no wear. It also plays well, with a dark, round tone – large chamber and not much baffle. Works great on vintage sopranos as well as modern ones, especially when you want a big, dark full tone.

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    Guardala Handmade King Tenor Mouthpiece

    This is a handmade Guardala King tenor mouthpiece. It is in excellent condition with some wear on the table, but nothing that will affect playability.

  • Guardala Metal 7 Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece MPC411

    $ 1,250
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    JJ Babbitt Elkhart Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece D75

    This is a cool Babbitt Elkhart mouthpiece. Babbit mouthpieces are not very well documented on the internet, so I’m rounding up several to see how they play. In general, I have been very pleased. (Old Geo M Bundy pieces also seem to be pretty consistent winners.) This piece is solid for all-around ensemble tenor work. It blends well but also has a pleasant voice of its own that is not stuffy like the ubiquitous Selmer C* is on tenor (blech).

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    Keilwerth SX-90R Tenor 110xxx Black Nickel

    I seldom get to sell a Keilwerth saxophone. This may be because most Keilwerth owners have no intention of selling their horns! I know that I have no plans to sell my personal Keilwerth. This is a beautiful example of Keilwerth’s top pro tenor – the SX-90R, which has rolled tone holes and black nickel finish. The black nickel is a gorgeous saxophone finish. It’s classy and eye-turning, and it holds up better than lacquer too.

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    King Zephyr Special Tenor Saxophone

    The Zephyr Special is a great vintage pro tenor make by the King company. This horn has a solid silver neck and the desirable extra pearls on the side keys and G#. It has been relacquered, and it looks like a recent job to me, based on the light color of the epoxy lacquer. The engraving is still sharp, even on the fine lines on the engraved bell keys, and there is no evidence of heavy buffing, so the job was done well.

  • King Zephyr Special Tenor Saxophone 209xxx

    This beautiful Zephyr Special was made in 1937, which is the first year that these horns were made, and it is a beautiful example as well! It’s rare to find any saxophone that looks this good after 75 years, and finding such a rare and desirable one is really special. This horn has no dents or dings, and looks gorgeous with full pearls on palm and side keys and G#. Most people would sell this horn as original lacquer, because it looks really really good, and the engraving could hardly look any better.

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    Lawton 7 Star BB Alto Mouthpiece MPC232

    This is a vintage gold-plated Geoff Lawton alto mouthpiece that is perfect for smooth jazz alto or Rock&Roll / R&B alto where you want that brassy, screaming alto tone. The cool features of a Lawton are the large bullet chamber (so it tunes well on a range of altos, and maintains some warmth) and the carefully done high slant baffle to give you the cut and projection you want. The ligature workmanship is also satisfying. You can slide the lig around on rails and tighten it just how you want.

  • Meyer NYUSA 8L Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece F49

    $ 1,100

    This is a Meyer 8L soprano mouthpiece. It has a .062, a rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a medium chamber. There is some slight wear, but overall this piece looks great.

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    Otto Link 4 Star Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece F31

    This is a Otto Link 4 Star mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. It has a .097 tip opening, a slight rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. It has been refaced, but it’s hard to read the refacer’s signature. It plays well and measures well, so the job was done right.

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    Otto Link Florida/Early Babbitt Super Tone Master Tenor 7* MPC203

    If you want a nice bright, vintage Link, this is it! This is an original box Florida/ Early Babbitt Otto Link Super Tone Master tenor mouthpiece. This piece was made in Florida and finished in Elkhart. It is the version that had denim machine marks on the table and a large font facing stamp by the table, and a wider tip profile than earlier versions. This was originally a 5* and has been opened to a 7*, and measures .105″.

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    Otto Link MasterLink Four Star Model Tenor 4* tip MPC231

    This is a beautiful vintage Otto Link tenor mouthpiece. The model is “Four ****” not to be confused with the tip opening, which is also a 4*, measuring .078″. This piece is in very good original condition, and the tip, rails, table etc all look great. The bite plate shows only minor tooth wear. This piece has a dark, wide tone with a large chamber and no baffle. It also includes what look like the original ligature and cap, which is great!

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    Otto Link Reso Chamber Tenor Mouthpiece 5* Excellent! MPC246

    This is probably the nicest Reso tenor piece I have had for sale. It’s an original 5* facing measuring .065″ so smaller than a modern 5. It has a beautiful original facing that is a good example to show someone of what original Link facing looked like. Smooth, cloudy looking rails fading into curved striations in the middle of the table, and staying soft and cloudy looking to the end of the table. Perfection! This piece includes the original and desirable T-stamped Otto Link ligature in similarly great shape.

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    Otto Link Tone Master Baritone Mouthpiece

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    P Mauriat 67RUL Alto 508xxx Very Good Condition!

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    Rare Conn Curved Soprano Experimental Key of A 14xxx

    Rare Conn curved soprano probably a prototype.

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